How To Stay Out of the Dog House!

The CAN-SPAM Act, is primarily targeted towards those not practicing ethical permission marketing tactics. If you follow Mail Dog's policies, you'll stay out of hot water. If you're interested in reading the entire Bill, you can find it in Help.

Overall, you need not worry about the new SPAM laws as they are designed to control SPAMMERS and Mail Dog's system is very compliant with all current and new regulations. However, Mail Dog has no control over certain areas of your permission marketing efforts and this is where you need to focus on to get the best return on your permission marketing.

We've prepared the following guide to help you get more of your mail delivered to your recipients, keep you off of blacklists and out of doghouse. Feel free to call your Dog Handler should you have any questions or concerns.

Things You Absolutely Must Do!
Send email ONLY to those recipients who have directly "opted-in" to your list! The only valid emails you can use in your Mail Dog account are those that have directly given you permission to receive it. DO NOT use names from directories, convention attendee lists, associate or partner lists, or any other indirect source - even your customers should be "opted-in" to your list. 
Absolutely NO third party lists! Thinking of buying or renting a list and using it on Mail Dog? Think twice! Using a rented or purchased list, the vast majority of which are bogus, will get your Mail Dog account immediately suspended. We have a zero-tolerance policy on the use of 3rd party lists. 
Always honor opt-out requests! Of course, you'll always have the "unsubscribe link" at the bottom of your emails and the unsubscribe  process will be automated for you. But, if someone contacts you directly and requests to unsubscribe, you MUST make sure you add their email address to the master list of unsubscribes in your Mail Dog account. 
Never mislead or confuse recipients!  When setting up your campaigns, make sure that your company name, reply-to email address and subject line clearly represent your company, content of your message, and match the privacy footer information. For example, if your account's privacy footer says "You have give ACME Company permission to send you this email" - then your "from", "reply to address" and message all MUST be from and about ACME Company. If you offer other products or services with separate branding then you will need separate accounts.  

Keep your account address updated!  Your company's postal address will be required on all email campaigns. To keep you compliant, we'll be adding your address in the Account section to your footer. Just keep your contact info current and you'll be all set.
Things You Should Do!
Consistently use the same "reply-to" email address! Although not required, and often times not practical, many of the new email readers give users the ability to "white-list" an address that they will accept mail from as a trusted sender. So, if the recipient white-lists and you send a message from then the first address might get through, while the second gets blocked or bounced. 
Use the Dog's permission header! By default, all Mail Dog accounts will be configured to display a permission statement both at the top (header) and bottom (footer) of every email message ("You've subscribed to ACME Company communications"). This is to further assure the recipient that you are practicing ethical permission marketing. If you would prefer to not display the statement at the top, please contact your Mail Dog handler and request that it be removed.
Update your opt-in confirmation message! When someone subscribes to your list, you should send them a confirmation message that describes the nature and frequency of your email communications, assure them that you will not sell or rent their names to anyone under any conditions, and advise them how to "opt-out" of your list. You should also suggest that they "white-list" your "reply-to" address to prevent blocking or bouncing of your messages.

Mail Dog Tools!

Permission Header:  Your permission statement will now appear both at the top and at the bottom or your messages.

Opt-In Logging: If you're using Mail Dog's opt-in tools, we will be logging and archiving all opt-ins with the date, time and IP address of each new subscriber to your list. If an Spam authority should ever request same for a particular address, our Anti-Spam department will be able to document the "opt-in" and hopefully clear up the issue.

Co-Branded Footer: To further eliminate any confusion about who is sending the message to the recipient, the footer of your email messages will now say "Instantly created and delivered by <Your Company Name's> Mail Dog.

CAMPAIGN BOOSTER: Testing Your Emails
The major players (Outlook, AOL, Yahoo!, Gmail) are all changing their email readers to address the ever-growing problem of Spam. This will impact where your email goes (is it getting junked?) and what it looks like (images not displaying or inactive links). There are many things you can do to achieve maximum delivery of your messages...

Consider using the Campaign Booster tool to give you a read on how your messages will look in all of the major email readers on the planet!

Please Bark! As always, please don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like more info or would like assistance.

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