January 2007

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If you could place your bank deposits without ever leaving your office would you be interested? Through Western Bank's Remote Deposit you can do just that!

For more information about this convenient cost effective way to make deposits, contact Trish Sackrison at 651-290-7440.
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A Favorite Quote of
Bill Sands:

Being able to think outside the box pre-supposes you were able to think in it.
Robert Lutz, General Motors

Where did Wall Street get its name from?

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Introducing Capital Street
Financial Services

This month, President Steve Erdall introduces Capital Street Financial Services. They'll be part of the small business, non-profit and personal financial planning services that Western Bank can help provide. He'll tell you more about how they are helping not-for-profit and the private sector provide benefit programs for small to medium-sized employers.

The prospect was a no-show.
Now what?

You’ve rehearsed your sales pitch for weeks.  It's time for that coveted appointment that you worked so hard to secure.  Now that prospect is a no show. No call. No excuse. No word. Don’t blow your top. Don’t plan to get even. We’ll tell you how to handle that situation and turn it into a power play for you!

Are business meetings torture?
Rescue techniques for your next agenda.

It is believed that on an average day in the U.S., there are 17 million meetings! And a good many of those attendees feel that sitting through an obligatory meeting is torture. We’ve brought out the first aid kit and are giving you some rescue techniques for planning and running your next meeting.


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