May 2007

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Who Needs the Risk?

If your business has ever had exposure to check fraud risk, or you want to prevent the risk, you may be a candidate for Positive Pay services. Positive Pay identifies unauthorized items before payment is made. For more information contact Trish Sackrison
A Favorite Quote of
Bill Sands:

I intend to live forever; so far, so good.
Steven Wright

If each currency note printed in the U.S.were laid end to end, approximately how many times would the line of bills stretch around the earth's equator?

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Will your voicemail message be heard?

It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to place a sales call and reach a live person. Voicemail is more likely to greet you. The message you leave on that system is critical. We’ve outlined several strategies which may help you break through the voicemail clutter.

Tap into consumer trends
and buying habits.

Consumer buying habits can affect your business. Your non-profit organization could be impacted as well. There is a way to learn more about these buying trends. And, it's FREE!. We'll tell you how to use Western Bank's Online Information Center to access this invaluable info.

New study reveals why meetings frustrate us!

A new survey outlines the top 10 frustrations which occur during business meetings. You could be surprised by some of the findings. Does your meeting make the top 10 list?

HousingLink provides affordable housing information.

By Tom Porter, AVP
Relationship Banking Manager

Colleen O'Brien, president of this information agency, explains how her organizationn operates. Her jump to this agency from a company that dealt with the National Football League is surprising. What's her link to Hurricane Katrina? And, what is "Gong Time" at HousingLink's business meetings? Find out now!


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