March 2007

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View examples of loans Western Bank has helped our customers with. Some you may be familiar with, others not.

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A Favorite Quote of
Bill Sands:

It does not make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do. We hired smart people so that they could tell us what to do.
Stephen Jobs, Apple Computer

Why and when were "circuit breakers" introduced into the
US markets?

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It's Time to Spring Clean
Your Business Plan.

You're only one step away from FastTrac Business Planning. With this information found on Western Bank's Online Business Information Center, you can download business plan and financial templates. These workable templates will help you with reports for Sales, Operating Expenses, Capital Budget, Amortization Schedules, and more. Get ready, follow the links, and download!

Your best social graces may not be appropriate in the business world!

Your social manners are impeccable, but they could be offending in the business world! There is a difference between the two. We’ll explain the difference. And, you can check just how savvy you are with our 10-Point Business Etiquette Quiz. Will your manners be able to pass the test?

Neighborhood Health Care Network brings heathly ideas to everyone.

Trish Sackrison, VP of Nonprofit Banking, introduces readers to Neighborhood Health Care Network. The network is a series of 58 clinics that provide medical, dental, mental health and health education services to those who are not covered by traditional health care. She also explains about the Network's free education forums. And, she tells how everyone can link into the Network's websites to see videos on "Threat and Hazard Awareness" and "Preparing Your Family for Emergencies". Both are worthwhile videos for everyone!


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