April 2007

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Who Needs the Risk?

If your business has ever had exposure to check fraud risk, or you want to prevent the risk, you may be a candidate for Positive Pay services. Positive Pay identifies unauthorized items before payment is made. For more information contact Trish Sackrison
Lighten Up!

Take a chuckle break with this month’s joke.


Have any African Americans had their signatures on U.S. currency?

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Introducing Tony Lemaire!

Western Bank President Steve Erdall has a special introduction to make this month. President Erdall will tell you all about a new addition to the Western Bank family and an important team member. Find out who he is, what the new team member will be doing and how he will be helping your business or non-profit organization.

Are you omitting the most
influential page on your website?

Various web organizations have studied and defined the most important page of a website. This page can influence sales, vendors, investors and even the media. What is it? Do you have one? And, if you have one, is it actually helping or hindering your business? We’ll tell you all about it!

When your “decision-maker” really isn’t the decision-maker.

Help! I’ve just found out my contact can’t sign off on the deal. Now what? We’ll suggest what you can do to find the true decision-maker ahead of time. And, we’ll help you negotiate a way to get the other influencers into your sales presentation.

Business cards, letterheads and more. . .

Xerox® has a series of free downloadable templates for business cards, letterheads, envelopes, fax covers and postcards. The 4-color forms can be printed for your business or personal use. Just fill in your own information on the forms. There are 19 different designs. Take a look at them. Go to free templates.


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