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Crystallize your goals. Make a plan for achieving them and set yourself a deadline. Then, with supreme confidence, determination and disregard for obstacles and other people's criticisms, carry out your plan. ~ Paul J. Meyer

Anachemowegan (from the Mohican (Mahican, Mohegan) North Americans language) TUSHKATEERS!!! In other words, "Peace!" 

Here I am!!!  Bacckkkkkk in NYC and I must say, on the one hand it is absolutely glorious to be back! The spring/summery weather has been perfect; low 70's and sunny.  Perfect biking weather (see below), walking weather, walking and talking weather.  Yesterday, I met up with a good friend in Central Park.  We moved our tushes from one bench to another, chewing the fat, dishing the dirt ... catching up! 

In addition and most heart-warmingly important (sorry dear friend, Ellen), Peter and I had dinner with our kids - who are hardly kids - Abby, our daughter and SIL, Mike - which was lovely!  And we also - upon return -  immediamente - dashed to Harriet (my almost 96-year young mother) at her assisted living residence to find her doing extraordinarily well.  It is good to be back - and relationships remain primo on what's important in life, yes? Yes! 

On the other hand, I do so love the desert, the lizards, the sun, the cacti, the heated pool (yes, even though it was over 100 degrees, the heated pool was extraordinarily enjoyable) and I love our gaggle of Tucson friends.  I floated in the pool, a lot!!! and apparently, I am good at it.  People commented left n' right, "Wow, you float so well."  I have declared it to be 'my sport.' and the next time someone asks me how I exercise, I will say that in addition to walking a few miles daily (in NYC), I am also an olympic-level floater! Next trip, I'll take photos of me floating!  I am seriously good at it!!! SERIOUSLY!

Here, there or anywhere, I did notice that two things remain constant: 1.)  WHEREVER YOU GO, THERE YOU ARE!!!  No matter where I am - I've got the same mind and no matter where I am, I am aware of my thoughts knowing full well that my actions follow my thoughts.  I do my best to keep them positive, useful and healthy!  2.) REMAIN DETERMINED!  There are ample opportunites when 'away' to lose FOCUS and DETERMINATION; to let go of all the good, healthy living habits that I have created over the past decade.  Some of my healthy habits are deeply embedded, some less so.  Which ... drum roll please ... brings me to this week's CHEWING THE FAT segment of the KITT CLUB e-letter and this week's QUOTES to Live By!


Hi Janice (a.k.a. OLofWL),  I read last week's CHEWING the FAT email from "BD."  And you know what!?!! ...  I could have written the same thing! 

Yes, I know all the heath risks with being diabetic (and it scares me too!), but I don't do what I need to do!  So ... I will reread what you answered her and try to work on myself. (Maybe I'll get my hubby to print it out!!) ~ Madhatter

Dear Madhatter ~ First, I do love the name Madhatter and the teaparty in Alice in Wonderland. The Madhatter asks Alice if she would like more tea, to which she replies, "How can you have more if you haven't had any?"  Brilliant writing ... and, yes, I digress. 

Please allow me to come out of the rabbit hole and respond to your email, which I greatly appreciate your writing!  I am guessing that there are a good many Tushkateers out there who related to last week's CHEWING the FAT and are thinking just what you are! 

In addition to last week's CHEWING the FAT TIPS ... here are a few more "Points of LITE."

1. ONE YEAR FROM TODAY:  Where do you want to be one year from today?  Get yourself a piece of paper and a pen and on the top write:  It is June 19, 2013, and I am ... And then, write out in the present tense where you, how you look, how you feel, who you are with, etc.  Details are important and again in the present tense.  Do NOT write, it is June 2013, and I will be ... that implies that some day you will do this or that.  Experience it as if it has already happened. 

2.  PLAN, PLAN, PLAN:  You guys (for the most part) are allergic to planning.  You think that it is constrictive and falls into the 'have to' category.  When in actuality planning your day, preparing for it is your ticket to freedom.  Once all is in order, you are free to think about other things, enjoy your day, glide through it!  Start your day, your week, your month and this year with a specific plan. 

3.  AVOID WIGGLE ROOM (at all costs).  When people tell me that they are on a 'healthy eating plan' my ears immediately stand at alert (like a rabbit or a cat).   Is it a specific healthy plan?  Do you know what a really healthy plan looks like?  Are there any limits to your healthy eating plan?  Seriously, one can wiggle their way up the scales of injustice, an easy 5 pounds, if they 'eat healthy' without specificity or limits; without real planning and preparing. 

4.  GET HIGH on DETERMINATION.  Seriously (for a funny person with a light attitude, I do say 'seriously' a lot - but seriously folks, really?) ... how determined are you to create a better life?  Step into your healthy living warrior suit and breathe in determination, commitment and see what kind of energy you exhale!  Inhale:  Determination.   Exhale: Extraordinary Energy

5.  IS YOUR LIFE A HOBBY?  Hey, let me ask you something?  Is 'healthy living' a hobby?  Just so you know, it's not a part-time thing.  If it's an on again / off again thing, if you schedule the gym, a WW meeting, a coaching session and decide, "oh well, I'm busy - I'll do it another time" - or find that there are no fruits n' veggies/healthy foods in the fridge, and so 'oh well, cherry pie has some fruit in it,' then, it's a hobby.  If your life is a hobby, that's okay, just be honest about it - with yourself. 

But with the right kind of coaching and determination you can accomplish anything. ~ Reese Witherspoon

Madhatter, BD and all Tushkateers alike ... was that enough of a Kick in the Tush?  Oh - one other thing.  STOP TRYING!!! Trying never cuts the mustard.  WHAT ELSE do YOU NEED?  Write me/OLofWL!!! 

Spread the word ... NOT the icing!


dictated by not read by Our Lady of Weight Loss, the patron saint of permanent fat removal (excuse all typos)


AND NOW ... let's explore this week's KITT CLUB e-newsletter!!!  It includes but is not limited to yet another 10 ways to FEED YOUR SOUL, your weekly GET JIGGY Weight LOSS JigSAW Puzzle, a recipe from your favorite Dysfunctional Chef (a repeat of last week's in case you missed it, because it is oh so good and because I was flying back to NYC on Friday, so there was no time for dysfunctional cooking!) ------ >  AND maybe best of all???  This week's DETERMINATION QUOTES which most definitely kick tush!  To your right --> see links -->


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Quotes to Live By

Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.  ~ Og Mandino

A failure establishes only this, that our determination to succeed was not strong enough. ~ Christian Nestell Bovee

But with the right kind of coaching and determination you can accomplish anything. ~ Reese Witherspoon

Continuous, unflagging effort, persistence and determination will win. Let not the man be discouraged who has these. ~ James Whitcomb Riley

Crystallize your goals. Make a plan for achieving them and set yourself a deadline. Then, with supreme confidence, determination and disregard for obstacles and other people's criticisms, carry out your plan. ~ Paul J. Meyer

Determination, energy, and courage appear spontaneously when we care deeply about something. We take risks that are unimaginable in any other context. ~ Margaret J. Wheatley

Happiness is an attitude of mind, born of the simple determination to be happy under all outward circumstances. ~ J. Donald Walters

If you set goals and go after them with all the determination you can muster, your gifts will take you places that will amaze you. ~ Les Brown

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe. ~ Gail Devers

Let us not be content to wait and see what will happen, but give us the determination to make the right things happen. ~ Horace Mann

Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be. ~ George A. Sheehan

You've done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination. ~ Ralph Marston

You've got to get up every morning with determination if you're going to go to bed with satisfaction. ~ George Horace Lorimer

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PHOTO-TIME!!!  BIKING TIME!  Do you think that looking at the bikers rootin' tootin' them on helps to build strong muscles?  In a way, YES!  Because I did venture out and loop the park, whose parameter measures one mile round (which is why the biker chicks zoom a grand total of 40 times around!)!!!  So one mile of slow walking to 40 miles of them biking hard .... Hey, it's something!  And I am patting myself on the back celebrating it! BIG TIME!!!! 

Side Note:  One of our STAR Tushkateers, Myrna, is a biker, who bikes long distance!  Kudos to Myrna who actually has muscles!!!!  Glory Be and Hip Hip Hurray!!! Myrna, next time, do it in Harlem, so I can cheer you on!


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