Vincent Dolan
President & CEO,
Progress Energy Florida
Chair, Tampa Bay Partnership

Proven Leadership, Proven Results = True Regional Value

The Tampa Bay Partnership is the regional organization that works with its partners to market the region nationally and internationally, to conduct regional research and to coordinate efforts to influence business and government issues that impact economic development.

Since its inception, this mission of the Tampa Bay Partnership has leveraged public-private resources to address the big issues facing Tampa Bay proving our region works best when we work together.

The Tampa Bay Partnership works with its partners through an inclusive process to determine the true priorities of the region. Working collaboratively, the Partnership is continuously building upon initiatives, evaluating effectiveness, and evolving to meet the changing needs of our cities, counties, business organizations and the region overall.

We remain steadfast in our mission.  We appreciate your leadership and support as that is the core of what will shape our region's prosperity going forward.  As always, I invite your input on any aspect of what we are doing. 

An article in Sunday's Tampa Tribune calls into question the value and effectiveness of the Partnership.

We feel the facts - and their value - speak for themselves. We wanted to use this opportunity to highlight some of the good work we, as a partnership, have accomplished together that benefits our region. We encourage you to read through our Value Proposition to get a summary of the value the Tampa Bay Partnership has provided to the region over the past several years.  Some of the top highlights include:

  • Created the first ever Regional Business Plan for Tampa Bay to provide a road map for the region and all its communities on where the jobs of the future will come from. Secured a $540,100 Economic Development Administration grant on behalf of the eight-county region to fund the research portion of this work. Over 140 volunteer leaders have already committed to lead this effort to grow jobs for our region. We continue to recruit leaders to help move this important work forward.
  • ONE BAY: Livable Communities creates and secures community adoption of a regional vision for Tampa Bay.  Engaged over 10,000 citizens in the work toward the final vision.  ONE BAY visioning efforts now include healthy communities and education.
  • Formation of the Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority (TBARTA) and their subsequent development of a Regional Transportation Master Plan which includes foundations from the ONE BAY regional vision.
  • Recruitment of SRI International and Draper Labs to kick our game up on university research and commercialization.
  • Raised $1.7 million and organized the campaign committee for the first ever transit referendum in Tampa Bay. While the referendum was not successful in Hillsborough, post-election surveys confirmed we were successful in persuading a majority of voters in Tampa, and in developing a strong coalition throughout the county to support transit. In most communities, this is a process that takes several efforts and extends over many years. Currently, Pinellas County is using insights from the campaign to move forward with their Alternatives Analysis.
  • Expansion of the region to eight counties with Citrus County requesting to join the Partnership in 2010.
  • Launch of Front Row Tampa Bay, four days of major business forums and events that will be aired before a live audience and, through Web TV, the nation. Front Row Tampa Bay provides a hosting and communications platform to proactively and collaboratively promote and showcase Tampa Bay leading up to, during, and after the 2012 RNC.

While some might perceive that the Partnership should narrow its focus to simply market the region to outside businesses, a recent review of economic development project announcements submitted from our economic development partners shows that over 60% of projects and jobs that the economic development community counts as successes originate from existing businesses already located in the region that are expanding or starting up.  Effective economic development must include strengthening the climate and infrastructure for businesses already operating in Tampa Bay and for businesses that will naturally develop here. The regional business plan provides research-based insights and direction to enable Tampa Bay to identify and support our most powerful drivers of economic growth for many years to come as we transition into a more diversified and robust economy.

Jobs & Quality Places
for Regional Economic Prosperity
2012-2014 Strategic Plan

We welcome the opportunity to share these successes with you and others who work with us as our partners.  And we always encourage your active engagement in this work. Thank you for your support and leadership.


Vincent Dolan
Tampa Bay Partnership