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Halloween Party!!!!

Halloween Party

October 30
6-8 PM
Ricky P's Orleans Bistro
1113 Central Avenue
St, Petersburg, FL
Adults $5 advance, $10 door
Children $2 advance, $5 door
Costume contests for kids and adults!
Kasey (727) 480-7211
Holly (727) 688-0952
Lupus sufferers have wide range of symptoms

The cause of lupus remains a mystery. Lupus can cause a wide range of symptoms throughout the body including: malaise (a general sick feeling); fever; loss of appetite; weight loss; muscle and joint pain and swelling; a butterfly-shaped rash on the cheeks and bridge of the nose; a more widespread rash and flu-like symptoms after exposure to sunlight; hair loss; a rash that appears as firm, round red plaques with raised borders; and painful ulcers in the mouth, nose and genital areas.
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Peripheral vascular disease significantly associated with smoking in SLE patients

While patients with systemic lupus erythematosus had greater prevalence of peripheral vascular disease compared with controls, the only significant risk factor was smoking, according to study results.
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Lupus Research Institute awards research grants

The Lupus Research Institute has announced two recipients of its 2013 Distinguished Innovator Award, which provides private grants for novel lupus research. David Tarlinton, PhD, at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Australia, and Kenneth Smith, MD, PhD, of University of Cambridge, UK, will be awarded up to $1 million to conduct studies that can advance the search for a cure to lupus by uncovering its fundamental causes, according to a press release. Tarlinton’s study explores new ways to kill the cells responsible for producing autoantibodies that damage tissue and organs in lupus. Smith’s research focuses on an approach to predicting lupus outcome that has the potential to reveal new ways to stop disease progression.
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From medication to meditation

Beset with joint and muscle pain from lupus and fibromyalgia, Lauren Zalewski found herself retreating to her couch, barely able to move and unable to participate in the lives of her two children and husband. That’s when she realized she had to find a radically new approach to her pain management and immersed herself in a month-long journey into holistic wellness at a unique center in New Canaan, Conn.
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Investigational biologic lessened symptoms in some patients with lupus

Lupuzor, an investigational biologic that targets T cells in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus significantly lessened symptoms in a subset of patients who completed a 24-week randomized trial.
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Lupus drug development

There has only been one drug approved for lupus in over 50 years (Benlysta™), and current options are often as toxic and damaging as the disease itself. But unlike a decade or two ago, there is now real hope that safe new treatments will soon be introduced and approved by the FDA.Today there is “cautious optimism” on new drugs for lupus.


Why are clinical trials so vital to moving lupus treatments forward? See how trial, doctor, and participant can make it happen


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A voice for lupus

The Lupus Foundation of Florida is part of the Lupus Research Institute (LRI) Coalition. The LRI sounds the siren of need for strong federal support of lupus research among members of Congress, health groups, the pharmaceutical industry, and the public. We advocate for lasting change in numerous ways:
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