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St. Petersburg Walk a Success!

Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to everyone who made the 6th Annual Lupus Walk in St. Petersburg a success. You raised $19,541! 104 people walked, raising awareness in a very public way!


If you still have donations to turn in or your supporters want to help you out a little more, the walk donation site will remain open until June 11.


If this walk came and went, and you missed the boat, it's not too late. The 6th Annual Lupus Florida Walk (the sequel) is in Tampa in the early evening on June 21!

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Still Time to Join the Tampa Walk

Join us for the 6th Annual Lupus Florida Walk in Tampa on Friday, June 21 from 6 to 8 PM. We are starting at Ballast Point Park and walking along beautiful Bayshore Boulevard along the water at sunset. Details are on the website.


The Friends Asking Friends feature on the walk website let's you email your potential supporters with a quick click of the mouse.


Remember that everyone who raises $25 will receive a tote bag at the walk and those who make it to the $50 mark will also get a t-shirt. Totes and t-shirts are only distributed at the walk. This year they will not be mailed. We want to be very good stewards of your donations.


Come on, Tampa! We haven't even broken 2,000 yet!

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The Lupus Book-New Edition!

The Lupus Book: A Guide for Patients and Their Families is the single most important book you must have in your lupus library. Author Daniel Wallace, M.D. is the editor of the medical textbook on lupus-it's over 1,500 pages long and not an easy read! Dr. Wallace distilled all of the important information and presents it in a readable and accessible form for patients and their families. If you have lupus questions, the book has answers.

 The latest edition is now available!

P.S. Leave your copy lying around so that your loved ones will pick it up and browse the pages! 

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May Is Lupus Month

May is Lupus Awareness Month. Walks, galas, runs, and events are happening all over the world! Even so, most people know little or nothing about lupus.


You can help:

Purchase and wear lupus awareness items
Share lupus facts with at least one person a day
Use social media links below to spread the word
Join the Lupus Walk
Write a letter to the editor urging congress to fund lupus research
Write a letter to your legislative representatives asking the same

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Orange "Life without Lupus" wristbands

Purple "Lupus: Find the Cure" car magnets

UV sensitive wrist bands tell you when to get out of the sun

The Lupus Iniative-Educating Medical Professionals about Lupus

The Lupus Initiative® is a national education program designed to reduce health disparities experienced by patients with lupus. We develop educational resources for students and practitioners of medicine and the health professions – CME activities, case studies, a curriculum on lupus and health disparities, communication tools and more – to assist and support them in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients disproportionately affected by lupus based on race, ethnicity, and gender.


Feel free to share this information with your health care providers. They are usually pleased for opportunities to get free continuing education units!


There is plenty for patients on this site as well. Spend some time poking around the website.

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How Perspective Affects Lupus Treatment and Diagnosis

View this four part video series and learn how patient and physician shortcuts in thinking impact the diagnosis and treatment of lupus.
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Take the Lupus 101 Quiz Today

How much do you really know about lupus? Are you willing to put yourself to the test? Check out this quick quiz from "Could I Have Lupus?" and awareness initiative of the US Government.


Pass the quiz on to your friends and loved ones! Be a lupus ambassador!

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Malignancies and Lupus-Surprising Results

Incidences of certain cancers, particularly lymphomas, have been shown to be higher in people with systemic lupus erythematosus, while hormone-influenced breast, ovarian, and endometrial cancers have recently been found to occur less often in SLE patients than in the general population. At the 10th International Congress on SLE, the researchers responsible for these findings discussed their implications for clinical practice.
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New Markers, Criteria Lead to Earlier Intervention in Juvenile Lupus

A group of new studies on juvenile-onset systemic lupus erythematosus suggests that investigators are gaining a foothold on noninvasively monitoring renal disease, making more accurate diagnoses, and determining the prevalence of hippocampal atrophy in adolescents with the condition.

Rather than wait until the onset of proteinuria to start treatment, reliable noninvasive biomarkers "could allow disease to be detected at a much earlier time point, and hopefully help us try and prevent some of the irreversible kidney damage that we might see" associated with juvenile-onset SLE.

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Bob Saget Hosts Lupus L.A. Orange Ball

Thursday, May 9th marked the 13th Annual Lupus LA Orange Ball honoring Jason Alexander with the prestigious Loop Award, Dr. Jay Schapira with the Daniel J. Wallace Founder’s Award and Dr. Stanley J. Naides of Quest Diagnostics with the Medical Visionary Award.


Bob Saget hosted the fete which was chaired by Lauren Shuler Donner and Richard Donner which raised near half a million dollars!
Orange Ball guests enjoyed a crowd pleasing musical performance by six-time GRAMMY Award-winning singer, songwriter, actress and philanthropist Toni Braxton who sang ‘Un-Break My Heart’ to her cardiologists and honoree, Dr. Jay Schapira, as well as songs by Tony Award winner, Tracie Bennett.


The Lupus Foundation of Florida, along with Lupus LA, is part of the Lupus Research Institute Coalition.

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