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Young Man with a Heart for Giving

Ethan Lovelace and Adriana Hatfield lost their mother Amanda to lupus. Karen Hatfield lost her daughter to lupus. They lost a mother and daughter, but they have not given up the fight.

Each year Ethan, Adriana, and Karen take part in the Lupus Foundation of Florida walks.  The ask people to support them. They sit in front of Wal-Mart and collect donations for their team, Amanda’s Round-up.

A 50/50 drawing was held at the Tampa Walk. Nathan won. You would think that a junior high school young man would be delighted with the prize.  Nathan was! Then he promptly handed it back as a donation to the Foundation. Ethan, you are OUR hero!

Seeking Facilitators

Do you ever wish you could talk about lupus with someome who understands what you are going through? Do you wonder what others are doing to manage lupus? Do you want to connect with others who share your experience?

Consider becoming a support group facilitator. This year we nearly doubled the number of support groups around that state. Still, there are plenty of places where there is no support. You might just be the right person!

Groups meet once a month. We will give you free training on line. If you have questions, email Linda at You can make a difference in the lives of other lupus patients.

Lupus Living

Do you make "to do" lists only to find half of the tasks undone at the end of the day? Most of us do. When we make those lists, we do it as if we were still well. Instead of being a tool, the list becomes a weapon we use to beat ourselves up.

It's time for a paradigm shift! Try this for just one day. You have nothing to lose. Instead of a "to do" list make an "I did it list." Write down EVERYTHING you do during an entire day. Your list should be detailed, for example: got up, went to bathroom, made coffee, watched news, took shower, got dressed, put pajamas away, made breakfast, ate breakfast, put dishes in sink, etc. Look over your list at the end of the day. You will be amazed at how much you actually do!

Congratulations Linda!

Congratulations to our Program Director for having two articles published in the premier edition of the Healthy Cells Tampa magazine. The magazine is online now. It will be available in the Tampa Bay area beginning next week.

One article is on lupus and the other is on mindfulness based stress reduction. You can read the magazine by clicking below. One the link opens click on "Current Tampa Edition" in the upper left hand corner of your screen.

•   Click here to read magazine
Lupus 101 Seminar Coming to Ft. Myers

Knowing about lupus is an essential tool in managing the disease. Most of our doctors don't have the time to explain how lupus works and how it affects the body. Many of the books out there are overwhelming. Lupus 101 is the answer for you!

Save the date for an informative lupus seminar in Ft. Myers on Saturday, September 14, 2013 at 10:30 AM. Watch your inbox for details.

New technology brings personalized lupus treatments one step closer

There's more to treating disease than just finding a target and hitting it, said Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation scientist Joan Merrill, M.D. In a paper published in the most recent issue of the journal Clinical Immunology, Merrill said new molecular targets in the fight against lupus are exciting. The new treatments are incredibly sophisticated, aimed at bringing tiny proteins in the immune system into balance. But how these treatments work in individual patients is not so simple.
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What women should know about lupus

Lupus is a mystery. No one knows why some people get it, and others don’t. The disease can start for no obvious reason, or in reaction to something in a person’s life. For example, sometimes lupus starts (or gets worse) after a person is out in the sun a lot. In other people, lupus starts after an infection, or after being under a lot of stress.
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Lupus Research Institute Advocacy Secures $2 Million Appropriation for Lupus Medical Education

A federal spending bill for fiscal 2014 approved by the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee
provides $2 million to continue a federal lupus provider education program conceived by the Lupus
Research Institute (LRI) in collaboration with the federal government. If enacted, this appropriation
would bring the total secured to fund this program to $6.6 million.
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Toni Braxton cleared in second bankruptcy

Toni Braxton recently had to file for bankruptcy for a second time on October 29th; she says that she had no choice in the matter. In an effort to dispel rumors about her bankruptcy filing, Braxton says that she filed bankruptcy at a time where she was diagnosed with lupus. The lupus diagnosis forced her to cancel a series of shows in Las Vegas, and in addition to that, she says that the insurance company was unwilling to cover her cancellation.

(Toni Braxton is the singer who recorded "Unbreak My Heart.")

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The Lupus Book: A Guide for Patients and Their Families This book is a "must have" for every lupus patient. We now have the new 5th edition!

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