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Urgent Advocacy Alert

People from all over the country are in Washington DC this week fighting for the future of lupus research. Lupus Foundation of Florida President and CEO Rick McCollum and Board Chair Maggi McQueen will be meeting with Florida legislators.


You can raise your voice with all those advocates in Washington. It will take you all of 5 minutes and you can make a difference for all of us who live with the nightmare of lupus. Send an email to your Senators (Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio) and your Representative in the House. You can copy and paste the letter below or write your own.


What good does it to do write? Aids in your legislators' offices keep track of the number of phone calls and emails on each topic and what the constituent wants the Congress person to do. If all 1,757 or you on this mailing list send emails, we will get attention. Legislators want to be re-elected. Let them know that their position on lupus will make a difference in how you vote. They WILL listen if we all step up.


Find your senators

Find your representative

Sample letter to copy and paste or use as a script if you call:

I am your constituent. I have lupus and so do 1.5 million Americans. Lupus is a horrible, incurable autoimmune disease. Many of us with lupus can't work. If we can't work, we can't pay taxes. Even worse, many of us rely on the goverment for our very expensive medical care.


There is hope. Researchers are closing in on treatments that can restore us to productive lives. You can make that hope a reality. I am asking you to:

1. Support funding for the National Institutes of Health to continue the good work they have begun in lupus research.

2. Join the Congressional Lupus Caucus.


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